Web 017.jpgA Chicago native (b.1946), I designed my first piece of furniture while serving in the Army in 1967 and had it built by a local cabinetmaker outside Boston. Little did I know that was how I’d make a living.

In the interim, I worked in the trades then went to The American Academy of Art (thanks to the GI Bill) and learned my creative calling must lie elsewhere; I went back to working in the construction trades.

I saw my future at the Art Institute of Chicago in the spring of 1973 when I viewed an exhibit , “The Arts and Crafts Movement in America 1876-1916”.

Furniture! Functional, Beautiful, Sculptural.

My work is now in homes from New York to Los Angeles; Minneapolis to Memphis, but mainly in Chicago and here near my home in the Driftless area of Wisconsin. It’s been shown in many publications, most prominently Fine Woodworking Design Book Five, The New Art Examiner and a handful of newspaper features and magazine photos.

I’ve had the benefit of supportive family, good mentors, great clients and good luck and am grateful for all of it.


Commissioning Work

When asked what comes first the words or the music, songwriter Sammy Kahn said; “First comes the phone call”.

“I think of what I do as problem solving”. Ed Paschke, Chicago Imagist painter

Commissions are welcome.


Exhibitions & Publications:

Currently Showing Gays Mills Arts Collective
in the new Mercantile Center
Gays Mills, Wisconsin
2009 – 2013 Driftless Area Art Festival
Gays Mills, Wisconsin
June 2013 Studio Gallery 1311
La Crosse, Wisconsin
September 2006
Returning in 2007
Fine Furnishings Show
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
May 2004
Returning in 2005
International Contemporary Furniture Fair
“Designed for Multiples”
Selected to represent “The Furniture Society”
New York City, New York
September 1995, 1996
Returning in 1997
Around the Coyote Arts Festival
Chicago, Illinois
August 1996 Viroqua Sesquicentennial Arts Exhibition
Viroqua, Wisconsin
July 1996 “Off the Square” Show
Madison, Wisconsin
Awarded “Best of Wood”
May 1996 Art Vision (Group Show)
Viroqua, Wisconsin
June 1994 Lake Forest Art Expo (Group Show)
Lake Forest, Illinois
May 1991 “Shinto Prairie Furniture” (2 Man Show)
World Tattoo Gallery
Chicago, Illinois
May 1989 “Coldhouse Soo” (Group Show)
Chicago, Illinois
June 1988 “Memphis–Milano” (Group Show)
Chicago, Illinois
May 1988 Art Expo
Gallery 369 Edinburgh, Scotland
Chicago, Illinois
November 1987 “Topeka Does Chicago”
Topeka Kansas Gallery
Chicago, Illinois


Summer 1989 New Art Examiner
September 1989 Fine Woodworking
Design Book Five